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A Study of Highly Satisfied Customers

How to Identify Them, Create More, Keep Them
and the Tools to Gauge Your Progress

Great customer service creates high customer satisfaction. A Highly Satisfied Customer will produce 1,800% more revenue than an Unsatisfied Infrequent Customer. See Charts below.

Two key elements of great customer service are Speed and Accuracy. Your customer orders can be delivered with Maximum Speed and Accuracy by the combined experience of our research studies, field trials, and programming skills. See also our Order Entry Study.

To achieve high customer satisfaction you must provide great customer service. You must know your service is optimal rather than just think you are doing it right. For you to know you must have the tools to gauge both service and satisfaction.

Customers can be ranked in one of these 4 categories.

  • Dissatisfied
  • Infrequent
  • Satisfied
  • Highly Satisfied.
The Unsatisfied Customer
Dissatisfied customers typically will never order from you again. Usually due to a service mishap, product quality problem, or for no fault of yours. Maybe they didn't like the type of of food, the location, or whatever. It's a good idea, if possible, to identify the problem so you can implement policies and procedures to produce fewer unsatisfied customers in the future. These customers are identified by being a one time customer or very infrequent.

The Infrequent Customer
The Infrequent Customer is not so dissatisfied they will never come back but are not all that thrilled by their experience with you to fall into the Satisfied category. They will order again but not very often. This is an important group to watch. Because they will be back you have another chance to kick them up a notch or two.

The Satisfied Customer
These are the customers most restaurateurs strive for. Their goal is to have all satisfied customers. Why? Because they are unaware of the highly satisfied customer. They have no idea what a highly satisfied customer is and what it means to have highly satisfied customers. If you want to be successful in the food service business you must work hard to generate highly satisfied customers. Anything less is mediocrity.

The Highly Satisfied Customer
The Highly Satisfied Customer. This is the Gold Patron. This is the customer you must strive for. Why? Simple. They spend more per order, they order more frequently, they refer new customers, and they remain a customer much longer. They become a zealous advocate of your business.

Why The Highly Satisfied Customer
In a Harvard Business School Study that 62% of sales comes from 21% of customers rated Highly Satisfied as shown in Exhibit 1.

Also the Harvard Study found the Satisfied Customer spends $3.50 for every dollar the Infrequent Customer spent over the customer lifespan. However it was found the Highly Satisfied Customer spent $18.00 or 1,800% more as shown in Exhibit 2.

Exhibit 1. In the Harvard Study, 21% of customers were highly satisfied. It was found that they we responsible for 62% of total sales.

Exhibit 2. Using data from the Harvard Study, we have charted the different behavior in customer types and how it affects the bottom line. More satisfied customers order more frequently (3.9, 4.4, 7.2 Visits per month), each order size is higher ($3.88, $4.06, $4.42), they remain a customer much longer (1.1, 4.4, 8.3 years). This results in a huge difference in total revenue ($1.00, $3.50 and $18.00). The Value is depicted for each dollar spent by the Infrequent Customer and the comparative amounts by the Satisfied and Highly Satisfied. Example: If a infrequent customer spends $35, you can expect the highly satisfied to spend $180 over the same period of time.