Restaurant Delivey POS Software
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Restaurant Delivery POS Software

Restaurant Delivery POS Software

Full Size Screen Shots


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Order Entry

Item Entry

Item Options and Modifiers

Up To 10 Categories, With Up To 10 Choices Each

Notice on Kitchen Printout Below, +Heavy+ in front of MAYO

Modifier, One and Only One Can Be Selected

White is the Standard, Wheat was selected.
Notice on Kitchen Printout Below, XXX No White Bread, then followed by Wheat Bread

Counter Order

Counter and Takeout Checkout


Shown Printed on 80mm (3.1 inch) Paper

Big Bold Selected on Kitchen Printer Setup

Delivery Receipt

Counter Receipt

Quickest Coolest Price Change Routine

System Setup

Flexible Password Security

Option Alarms

Printer Setup

Menu Type and Options

Touch Screen Input