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Pizza Delivery POS Software
System Requirements
and Recommendations

Pizza POS Software

Software Development Since 1986

Delivery Caller ID Software Since 1993

System Requirements
and Recommendations


OS Windows 95 - Win 7 all Windows 32 and 64bit version
Processor Minimum 233 Mhz Pentium II
Processor Recommended Intel Atom N270 1.6Ghz
RAM 5-10MB
Printers Any Printer with Driver for Your Windows
Recommended Paper 80mm/3.1"
Paper Left Margin 7mm/0.25"
Print Width 64mm/2.5"
Recommended Printer Epson and Samsung Bixolon
Thermal TM88iv
Ribbon Dot Matrix SRP-275
Recommended Terminal PioneerPOS M5

Supported PoS Hardware

Our Delivery Software will run on any PC that can run Windows 95 - Win 7.
We provide Hardware Sales and Support for the Following Hardware.
We Support Green Technology

M5 Shown with Thermal Printer in the Terminal's Base (S-Line).
PioneerPoS M5 Green Very Low Energy Consumption yet Powerful

More than pays for itself with Savings on Electricity.
Low Energy Consuption = Low Heat = High Reliability

PioneerPoS M5 All-In-One PoS Terminal
1.6 Ghz Intel Atom N270, 2 Watt CPU
1 GB DDR2 RAM, less than 50% Power Consumption of DDR1
80 GB Hard Drive
$GB Compact Flash Backup Storage
Windows XP Pro
15" TFT Resistive Touch Screen, Spill Resistant
1/10/100 and GigE Billion Bit/Sec Ethernet
Dual VGA, Dual Monitor Video
Built-In 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer
Mag Strip Reader
4 Serial, 6 USB, Powered USB 12 & 24 V
Exceptional Performance per Watt
Over 100% ROI in Electricity Savings

PioneerPOS M5 Brochure with Specs.

The M5 Pays for Itself in Savings on Electricity

Using Intels New Atom Processor, 98% Energy Savings

Low Energy = Less Heat = Reliability = Savings
and Longer Life Cycle.

You can buy a PC, a Touch Screen, a Receipt Printer and you will have an Ugly jumble of wires and cables. For the same Cost you can have a good Looking Terminal that will pay for itself and Last a Long Time.

The electricity to run a PC can easily cost more than the PC. Heat is the main reason for the low reliability of PC's.

A 10 degree C Rise in Tempature will reduce the life an IC semiconductor chip by 50%.

Less Cost, Less Downtime, and Longer Life Cycle.

1.6Ghz Intel Atom N270 Benchmark,

more Computational Power than 2.6Ghz Pentium

Using 98% Less Electricity
Higher Number = More Computational Power
The Intel Atom N270 uses less than 2% of the Electricity Used By a Pentium 4 All processors below the Intel Atom have Less Computational Power

Epson TM-88iv Thermal Printer
2 Year Warranty

Samsung Bixolon SRP-350plus Thermal Printer
3 Year Warranty

Samsung Bixolon SRP-275
3 Year Warranty

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